Covid-19 Measures -Updated 24th Sept 2020

We have put in some new measures to ensure your safety.

It is really important that we keep our customers and our staff safe and so we have put lots of new measures in place.  We hope that you will understand that we are all learning as we go along and so some of these measures may change.

  • We have allowed for appropriate distancing for all of our customers and so have had to reduce the number of people we have in the shop at any one time and the number of available tables. 
  • In line with government regulations you must remain seated at your allocated table at all times (unless you need to use the toilet). We will provide table service and bring all pottery items and drinks to you.
  • We will open at 9.30. We will accept walk-ins as we have always done but booking is advised as we do get extremely busy. We would hate to disappoint you.


  • Please book via telephone (01242 575700) or online via this site. If you book online we will send you a confirmation email, but please bear in mind it is not an automated email and we will answer them in sequence.
  • We will try to accommodate you if you just walk in, but please understand that we cannot be as relaxed about this as we used to be.
  • We kindly request that there is only one non painter per table and we hope that you will understand there is now a minimum spend of £15 per person.
  • As per the September 2020 guidelines we can only accept bookings of up to 6 people. Please do not ask us to accommodate more.

Unfinished Items

  • Unfortunately we can no longer allow you to return another day for unfinished items. 
  • If you don’t finish your piece on time, then don’t worry – you can take it home along with chosen colours so you can finish at your leisure.

Safety of Customers and Staff

  • All our staff will be wearing a face mask or a full face-shield.
  • The Government have advised that Customers over the age of 11 must wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking and must replace your mask once finished eating or drinking so please wear a mask at all times unless exempt.
  • We will not have our usual aprons available so please feel free to bring your own.
  • We have had to put away all the toys to minimise any risks.
  • There is a hand sanitiser on each table so please do use this on arrival. 
  • Our staff will tell you which table to sit at. 
  • If you are in the back room all the pieces are on the shelves for you to see and then one of our staff members will bring the pieces to you. 
  • If you are in the front room many pieces are now displayed on the walls and shelves and again our staff members will bring the pottery to you.
  • Each paint box will be thoroughly sanitised after every use. We ask you kindly to NOT put paint pots back in the boxes.
  • You will be given brushes and a felt-tip pen which we then ask you to leave on the table when you have finished painting.
  • If you would like something from another table then please do ask us to get it for you.
  • When finished painting please leave the pieces on the table.
  • We will bring our mobile card machine to you so all payments can be made at your table.
  • If you need to use the toilet please make our staff aware.


  • We will be offering our usual selection of hot and cold drinks.
  • We have installed a dishwasher so that all utensils can be washed at higher temperatures. If you would prefer a takeaway/paper disposable cup, do let us know.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. This is a work-in-progress and so our new processes may change over time – bear with us!  It’s so important that we are all safe and that you can continue to enjoy the experience of pottery painting with us.

And a massive thank you for your continued support.